“I’ve always loved stories, especially the structure of stories. The craft, the narrative arc — I could work on that for days. I’ve been a journalist, a playwright and a performer of stories, and I most enjoy taking readers and listeners on a meaningful journey.”

Personal Statement

Personal statement. [Dropbox PDF]


C.V. [Dropbox PDF]

Essays + Blogs

Seeing Redletter (January, 2015)

UX and the Concept of Play (November, 2015)

How Learning to Code Taught me to Write (January, 2013)


Mapping Inspiration, a Q&A with Latoya Peterson (Source, November,  2015)

Movie Magic Comes to Cambodia (AsiaLife, August, 2011)

For Filmmakers, A Showdown Between Creativity and the Law (Gapers Block, May, 2009)

Audio, Creative Direction + Production

WRITE CLUB podcasts (April 2015-December 2015)


News Nerd Roundup (December, 2015)

Book Editing

Bare-Knuckled Lit (December, 2014)

The CUTGroup: Civic User Testing as a New Model (October, 2014)

Production + Creative Management

Pixiehammer Press (2013-present)
Leader and cofounder.

WRITE CLUB (2011-Present)
Podcast producer.

Now Is the Time (2012)
Project coordinator.

Public Talks

“The Tiniest Best Boat” – Pecha Kucha (March, 2015)

Cambodia: Reflections

Thinking Big in Phnom Penh (2011)

Photo essay, lunch in Cambodia. (2011)