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Pixiehammer Press:
a letter-writing company for people with something to say


Pixiehammer Press was a letter-writing project and live artistic happening, born out of a commission from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago in February 2014. In a live setting or via online interview, Lindsay and collaborator Ian Belknap will write a love letter or a hate letter to anyone, on your behalf. (You still need the guts to mail it yourself.) Many hundreds served!

Read a sampling of letters.

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Neighborhood Storytelling


Working with designer Melanie Kahl and photo guru Joe Tighe, Lindsay explored the intersection of place and story. They asked neighbors at our local coffee shop to reveal who they were, what else they do in the neighborhood and why that little corner of the world matters. Read more. Design by Melanie Kahl.

The Neo-Futurists: an award-winning, wildly creative theater company


As managing director, Lindsay co-designed most of the company’s fundraising events to support the theater, including:

Neo-Obama Portrait-O-Rama (2010): The upstairs hall of The Neo-Futurists’ theater features a portrait for every president of the United States. What do you do when a new president is sworn in? Crowdsource a portrait, of course! Dozens of artists submitted possible portraits, a panel of judges chose the winner for the hallway and a crackling live auction determined who went home with the leftovers.

Lessons in Creativity (2009): The ensemble creates up to a dozen new plays every week for its signature production, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. It’s no easy task, but they’ve learned how to produce whip-smart work with a diverse group, week after week. Members of the creative community, including design firms like Adaptive Path and IDEO, wanted to know — how do they do it? And how did this process apply to creatives in other industries? This event was a show-and-tell for more than a hundred creatives from across the city.

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