Lindsay writes about food, culture, design, media, international issues and more. A few favorites…

Food, Beer + Coffee 

Indie Coffee Roasting Slowly Waking Up Chicago (2010)“They’re hackers,” he said. “They’re the MacGyvers of coffee.”

Something’s Brewing in Chicago (2010) [PDF] …Chicago brewing is making a huge comeback, and longtime area craft brewers have joined forces with new upstarts to put local beers on tap and on the map. 

Tech + Media

The Future of Girls, Gaming and Gender (2010): If hearing the Super Mario theme still gives you goosebumps; if Sonic the Hedgehog was your truest best friend (and ok: if you care about serious gender issues and the future of technology), check out the 3G Summit at Columbia College…

For Filmmakers, A Showdown Between Creativity and the Law (2009)Try walking down a city street without passing Coke ads, T-shirts sporting swooshes, and music spilling from a car stereo. 

Designers + Makers

Busy Beaver Button Co. Finds a New Home (2009): The new space comes tricked out with the latest in green: Low-E glass windows, formaldehyde-free plywood, recycled flooring, salvaged fixtures and tile, and — the biggest investment — geothermal heating and cooling. 

A Living Space for Art (2008): Erik Newman, a 43 year-old Chicago-based artist, lives alone in one of the city’s last cheap loft spaces, hidden in a nook of a warehouse on the near West Side.


Required Reading in the Kingdom (2011): Cambodia’s first chocolate chef becomes embroiled in a turf war… who knew life in the chocolate trade could get so risky? 

The Arts

A Theater Grows in Albany Park (2010): “”One day Maggie saw a note, deep under the risers, written in black marker… It said, ‘Dear Laura, I wish with all my heart that I could have met you.'”

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