Originally from Buffalo, now in Brooklyn, with many years in Chicago and a detour in Cambodia.

Fancy things:

  • Assistant editor, Source, a project on the future of journalism, from the Knight-Mozilla foundation.
  • Co-producer of Lit Crawl Chicago , happening on Aug. 18, 2016.
  • Collects books and can’t stop won’t stop. Or so says the Chicago Tribune.
  • Gave this weird talk at Pecha Kucha that strangers around the world seemed to like.
  • Will go to great lengths for a good meal.
  • Formerly a performer/producer with WRITE CLUB, a live, literary essay competition in several U.S. cities. Occasional playwright.
  • Has kept a web site since 1996, when she and her friend Bethany created pages on Geocities.


Photo by Colin Spurway.