journalist, producer, writer + editor

Lindsay Muscato

A few things:

  • Previously at TIME—as part of an incredible team covering crypto, tech policy, AI, and more—and at MIT Technology Review, editing and writing stories about covid-19.
  • Alum of Vox Media and former editor at OpenNews, a Knight/Mozilla project. Projects include all kinds of work at the intersection of tech and society, including research for two extremely good tech books.
  • Gave a talk at PechaKucha in 2017 that strangers around the world still contact me about. (Hello, wonderful strangers!) It’s about building a sustainable creative practice that moves your work forward.
  • Always excited to talk about how to manage editorial and technical projects in ways that inspire/clarify, plus absolutely everything about your gardening project.

Read stories

Writing at TIME: Bitcoin mining in New York’s wine country, and more.

Writing at MIT Technology Review: Inside the tools created to fight covid-19, and pandemic tech’s impact on inequality.


Podcast production and research: Curious Coincidence, understanding the origins of covid-19, with the acclaimed MIT Technology Review team.